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ALUMNI TWOFER – Hollywood Swingers & Lady Time » View Details

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Two Alumni groups from the Second City community come together and share the hour because bigger is better, more is more and two is better than one! Today’s Twofer is:

Hollywood Swingers - Katie Neff and Steve Kaminski, two highly respected and quite revered second city alumni with millions of combined years of improv experience, have decided to bring other people into their relationship. Watch as they improvise with other alumni, beginners, intermediary,  or maybe even you.

Lady Time - Kate Duffy, Maribeth Monroe and Jaime Moyer do long form improv. Coach: Life

This show is playing in Hollywood on Thursday October 10, 2013 at 10:00 PM.

The Second City Studio Theatre has open seating.

Ticket Sales Closed for this show!