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PUNCH BOWL! ~ Ya never know what somebody’s put in the punch bowl….gonna get drunk on laughter for only $5!
Second City House Ensembles
Members of the Second City House teams will show you their bits!
Bitchen. A little birdie told me that you feel the same! Cast: Amanda Barnes, Gillian Bellinger, Rachel Crane, Jen Hoyt, Carrie-ann Pishnak, Lexi Notabartolo, Aydrea Walden and Carrie Weisberg.
Fortune & Glory
David Alfano, Josh Callahan & Steve Sears. One of them is Fortune, one of them is Glory….one of them is a third wheel and will be killed.

This show is playing in Hollywood on Friday March 22, 2013 at 10:00 PM.

The Second City Studio Theatre has open seating.

Ticket Sales Closed for this show!