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Robbie Peron

They say the greatest journey begins with a single step and Robbie Peron has taken the biggest step of his life...right into the
spotlight. "As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a comedian" recalls the 31 year old Tampa native whose mentors include comedy legends, Redd Foxx, Mom's Mabley, Leroy Skillet and Richard Prior. Robbie received his professional start at the Comedy Store at the tender age of 16 which he credits to a high school teacher who chastised him for being the class clown. The teacher told him if he thought he was so funny to go to the club and see if anyone else agreed. With just his first performance he displayed the talent of a vet. That talent did not go unnoticed.Since his auspicious arrival on the comedy scene, Robbie has been grabbing the attention of industry professionals and has opened for some of the biggest acts in entertainment including; Eddie Griffin, Paul Mooney, Earthquake, Brian Mc Knight, The Whispers, and Frankie Beverly and Maze, just to name a few. It didn't take long for Robbie to parley his growing career with being recognized by casting directors interested in placing the handsome comedian in front of the camera. Robbie has been featured in such movies as, "The Reverend Do-Wrong," "For the Luv of Money" and "Heist." His television credits include appearances on "Malcolm & Eddie," "In the House," "The Drew Carey Show" and, most recently, "Days of Our Lives." When he is not working as a featured act or appearing on a popular television show, Robbie can be found touring clubs and colleges across the country. Robbie's other credits include the Def Comedy Jam 2000 tour, pay-per-view's "Raw & Naked Comedy," B.E.T./ACTION'S Strip Comedy and B.E.T's Comic View 2001. Robbie can be seen regularly at the Improv, Laugh Factory and Comedy Store where he's still working with the big boys honing his natural gift and incredible talent.

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