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Making people laugh as hard as humanly possible, is Pman’s mission as a stand up comedian. Armed with funny tales of his childhood and eccentric relatives and friends, help lay the foundation for Pman’s hilarious insights about marriage, family life and the pursuit of sanity.Pman's appeal stems from his instamatic charm, positive outlook on life and his ability to bring his complete stand up to life. It is this style that has made Pman an audience favorite at churches,open mics, corporate events, concerts and comedy clubs. A New Orleans \"Who Dat\"native currently living in San Diego California,Pman performs regularly at the Comedy Palace, the Comedy Store in La Jolla,the Metaphor Cafe,Pechanga Casino, and the Madhouse Comedy Club in Downtown San Diego.Pman was a “Battle of the Laughs” finalist,has performed alone side a variety of well known establish comedians such as Tommy Chunn from Bet ComicView,Michael Colyar,Simply Cookie,Christopher Reid from “Kid and Play”,Jay Phillips from the movie Semi-Pro, and has entertained people in clubs across the country.Pman has found a home on the stage as an actor, playwright and stand-up comedian.Look for his name at clubs in the upcoming months.

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