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(pronounced Please-ee-uh-saur) is a comedic musical act made of JP Hasson (formerly in We’re Not From Idaho and Touch Me Zoo both with Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen). The music is high energy camp style humor. The live performance usually includes JP Hasson in many costumes, each of which coincides with the song, along with multi-media animations of related images on a large screen. Many songs are commercials for fake companies such as "No Prob Limo," "Pizza Brothers and Sons, Inc.," and "Action City News."

Eventually garnering the attention of executives at Comedy Central, whom in 2006 released what was essentially a greatest hits CD/DVD titled "The Amazing Adventures of Pleaseeasaur" featuring music videos directed by artist TH3 and a cartoon adventure, animated by the team from the Adult Swim series' Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo.

In December 2006, Hasson collaborated with electronic act Plastiq Phantom under the name American Sheriff. Their debut release Long Arm of the Law was released by imputor? Records. In 2008, JP Hasson created the intro theme song to the Adult Swim television series The Xtacles. A spin-off of Frisky Dingo for The Cartoon Network.

Pleaseeasaur has consistently toured across the world within the past 12 years, most often with alternative comedian Neil Hamburger as well as with such notable acts as: Black Heart Procession, Boredoms, Buckethead, Man Or Astro-Man?, The Melvins, Pinback, The Presidents of the United States of America as well as others.

According to JP Hasson's website "", Pleaseeasaur is currently disbanded. However Hasson is now touring internationally in support of his new project, JP Incorporated, for which there is a new album titled "An Album of Distinction", released by Comedy Central consisting of 24 fictitious TV theme songs.

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