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Piper & Tupper

Piper and Tupper are a professional stand up comedy duo. Born at Woodstock in the summer of 1969, they began performing comedy at a very early age. The team's unique brand of comedy is a blend of Flight of the Conchords, Spinal Tap, Steve Martin, The Marx Brothers and Martin and Lewis. The raw comedic energy and humorous musical bits they produce onstage engulf their audiences like a whirling tornado. The crowd never knows where the next punch line is coming from and is constantly being peppered with an array of written and improvisational humor creating an explosion of laughter and fun.

They deliver live stand up comedy in all the major comedy clubs, colleges and universities across the globe. In Los Angeles, they are Comedy Store "Paid Regulars" and have rocked audiences at The Laugh Factory, Ice House, Improv and other Southern California clubs.

Their television credits include; MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour, Comic Strip Live, America's Funniest People, Comedy Time and more. Their independent film, "Piper and Tupper: Hands Free Born to be Wild" won the Audience Choice Award at the SoCal Film Festival and is currently playing the 2011 film festival circuit.

For more information on Piper and Tupper visit their official website at or visit them on their Facebook page at

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