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Mike Pace

Mike Pace has been doing comedy since gas was $1.50 a gallon and he drove a Datsun. At the time, he wore a thrift store vintage tuxedo jacket, untied tennis shoes and a mullet. After raising three kids, Mike has learned to tie his shoes, got a haircut, buys clothes from a regular store and now headlines all over the country. He has performed at HBO's Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, where he was a crowd favorite. His relationship with HBO continued on Larry David's Emmy Award -Winning \"Curb Your Enthusiasm.\" Mike was also an Emmy Nominee for HBO's \"Comic Relief\" and has performed on TBS, PBS and the nationally-syndicated Comics Unleashed and The Bob and Tom Show. He has been described by the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Denver Post as an \"expressive, natural performer,\" a \"chameleon mastering everyday characters,\" with the \"well-scrubbed look of a mischievous boy-next-door with perverse habits.\"

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