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Luis Powell

Luis’s path to the stage was shaped by his upbringing, constant moving from city to city, and a middle aged Latina woman who told him he should be a comedian because he always made her laugh. After hearing that, he remembered how he responded to his high school guidance counselor's question asking him what he truly loved and that was making people laugh. With his remarkable charisma that he brings to the stage and audience appeal, it is easy to see why Luis is good at making people laugh.

Luis has worked his way up from the open mic to being an MC after 5 months at Laffs comedy club in Albuquerque NM. His hard work has led to working places like the Isleta casino, Loonees comedy club in Colorado Springs, CO and the Improv in Kansas City, MO and Miami FL. He has also placed well in several stand up competitions around the country including first place in the Great South West Laugh Off, finalist in the Comic of the Year at Stanford and Sons, and second place in the Scion Presents-Stand Up Standoff.

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