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James Price's Photo

James Price

James Price Jr.
“I love acting because it’s an artistic way for me to bring out the many
different personalities that define me”

James Price has enough energy to power a small fleet of motor vehicles. It is a fuel that
burns full-throttle, ignited by the power and passion of his performance.

James Price Jr., affectionately called “Fat James” by his peers at the World Famous
Comedy Store, is at the forefront of the next generation of larger than life comedians.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an erratic childhood propelled James to the stage.
Never quite being able to establish roots in one place, James formed a close friendship
with his father and found refuge in the theatre. His fathers love of Doo Wop music and
everything 1950’s was passed along to James. An accomplished singer James has opened
for acts as varied as Tim McGraw, The Temptations and childhood hero and Doo Wop
legend Bobby Vee. Combining his love for theatre and music, James was once recognized
as one of the top Elvis Presley impersonators in the nation.

Always looking to the legends of the past to predict his future, James followed the sage
advice of George Burns who said “I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a
success at something I hate” and decided to pursue his true passion, comedy. James
risked it all by leaving Keene, New Hampshire, the one place that finally felt like home.
Upon arriving in Hollywood James immediately enrolled in classes at the renowned
Second City Training Center and found a job at the World Famous Comedy Store. It took
little time for James to make his presence felt on the Hollywood comedy circuit. Movies
and television quickly followed his stage success. In the past few years James has costarred with Wilmer Valderrama in “The Latin Lover”, appeared on Comedy Central
and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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