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Floyd J. Phillips


Floyd J. Phillips’ humor is derived from his upbringing in the ghetto of Chicago. His mother raised five kids all by her lonesome after his deadbeat dad shacked up with another woman. But that didn’t stop Floyd. He found role models in his football and wrestling coaches. He’ll never forget that day, at the tender age of eleven, when a thirteen-year-old, ex-con line backer clobbered him at practice. When Floyd, with tears in his eyes, regained consciousness, his coach said those inspirational words in front of his whole team, “Floyd, if you want to continue to play football tomorrow, make sure you leave your purse at home.” That day taught him a valuable life lesson about pain: either walk it off or learn to accessorize better. He’s been walking it off ever since.

Comedy has taken this little kid from the ghetto of Chicago to winning the Seattle Comedy Competition in 2000 and being a finalist in the 2001 San Francisco Comedy Competition. Floyd J. Phillips’ diverse comedy has allowed him to play USO tours, cruise ships, colleges, and comedy clubs across the nation. All of which has shown Floyd more of the world than he ever thought he would see.

Floyd’s tough background gives him the courage to talk about the topics other people avoid: topics such as abortion, pedophilia, date rape, death penalty, gun control, the mentally challenged and racism. Not to exclude Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. Floyd also discusses happier things like dating, babysitting his precious nieces and nephews, and technology.


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