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Bob Petrella

BOB PETRELLA was recently featured on The View, 60 Minutes and Nightline. Bob is one of only seven people in the world diagnosed with Super Autobiographical Memory, (hyperthymesia). Give him ANY date from the past 45 years and most likely he can remember what he was doing or that day or some world or national event that occurred around that time. He might call up an hilarious celebrity impression to accompany the date like Bill Clinton’s denial of sex with Monica Lewinsky (January 26, 1998), or Nixon’s “I’m not a crook” speech (November 17, 1973). Bob is also a TV producer/writer of such as shows as Deadliest Catch, and Ice Road Truckers. Recently, on 60 Minutes, he was heard bantering about his memory of sports and especially his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. WARNING: AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION To see Bob in action, search Youtube for: “Bob Petrella – Super Memory Man.”

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