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Comedy Classes: The Stepping Stones to Stand-Up Comedy

Sunday January 7, 2018 Sun Jan 7, 2018  12PM

Image of Comedy Classes: The Stepping Stones to Stand-Up Comedy
Class 1: Sunday, January 7th 12-2:30PM
Class 2: Sunday, January 14th 12-2:30PM
Class 3: Sunday, January 21st 12-2:30PM
Class 4: Sunday, January 28th 12-2:30PM
Class 5: Sunday, February 4th 12-2:30PM
Class 6: Sunday, February 11th 12-2:30PM
Class 7: Sunday, February 18th 12-2:30PM

It seems so simple. A mic, an audience, some jokes...
It is a deceptivly hard art form. It requires craft, precision and dedication. Just being funny isn't enough. As an emerging comic you are the performer, writer, director, choreographer  and your own personal advisor. A misstep in one are impacts all others.
This class is designed to work with comics from those who are stepping on stage for the first time, to those who have some experience, and gets them to put into place the tools and systems that will move them into the comedy industry.
Over the 7 classes we cover:
*Reviewing your sets as a tool for growth
*Finding stages and navigating the industry
*Creating the marketing tools, from personal materials to your virtual presence
*Organization of material and business contacts.
In addition every student performs and recieves detailed feedback every class. There is a live show in front of an audience upon completion of the class.
The workshop is the most comprehensive comedy course offered today for emerging stand-ups. Students perform every week in a supportive workshop environment, developing material and stage presence, all under the watchful eye of the instructor. Each student gets individual attention in order to guarantee the growth of the comic as an individual. 
This class is designed to work with each student at the level they are currently at, so if you're brand new to stand-up, or if you are stuck in a rut, this class can help you find your way to the next level.
*Classes Meet on Sunday's at Gotham Comedy Club in the Main Showroom or the Vintage Lounge. *7 Weeks of Intensive Workshop and the 8th week is the graduation performance (can vary due to holidays) *Class limited to 25 students *As long as shows aren't sold out, you may attend Gotham shows Sunday through Thursday, FREE of CHARGE!

Fee: $375

Instructor: Jim Mendrinos

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Sun Jan 7, 2018
Gotham Comedy Club
208 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011
18 & over. Non-Refundable.


Jim Mendrinos's Photo

Jim Mendrinos

Gotham Comedy Club

Comedy Classes: The Stepping Stones to Stand-Up Comedy

Sunday January 7, 2018 Sun Jan 7, 2018  12PM