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Emo Philips

Emo Philips

Thanks for seeking my bio. I know bios are important (as the saying goes, "show business is two words") and I'm ecstatic that you would like to read mine.


My publicist is Amish, and he feels strongly that, while career achievements, if garnered through honest toil, are admirable, to then "trumpet them vaingloriously to the world" makes a certain Someone in heaven, whose name you'd recognize instantly, weep.

Since Ezekiel is such an amazing publicist in every other respect -- honest, hard-working, blessed with an astounding ability to "think outside the box" -- I have met him half-way: I have banished my bio from this, my regular site, and have sequestered it solely on my industry site, here.

Grateful to you for helping me keep the peace in this delicate matter,
I remain,
Your "Quivering but dependable flesh bridge 'twixt the sacred and the profane" (Ha! is Ezekiel not king of the catchy nickname?),
Emo Philips

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